Thursday, September 29, 2011

What have you read lately?

One of my favorite past times is reading.  I have about thirty blogs in my favorite folder, ranging in categories of homeschooling families, printable worksheets, food (okay, I might have a tiny bit more in my food folder than the rest of them), and even how to manage laundry.
If you were to come take a look at my bookshelf you'd see I wear my heart on my sleeve.  The vast majority of my books are book studies covering the Word of the Lord.  My Bible studies and all things breaking it down into terminology that a second grader could comprehend are on my shelf. Beth Moore, Kay Arthur, many notes from my years in Bible Study Fellowship, and numerous other authors line the shelves.  It's good to keep them around to dust off the perpetually pregnant brain of mine so I'm not walking around saying "Who was that guy in a basket?  In the weeds or grass or whatever?  No.. .it wasn't Jesus... wait, did that happen to Him?"  Oy, yes that'd be me.

Second in line are my parenting/pregnancy books.  Swooooooooon... if I could collect them all!  Currently I'm in a study where we are reading Sheparding A Child's Heart and I walk away with my head churning in excitment of a new mommy-breakthrough.  "Focus on changing your child's heart and the rest will follow" sounds simple enough, but how do I do that?  Well this book has brought the light.  Love love love it.  And my blogs and blogs and blogs about women who have had natural births, who feed their families off the grid, who love on their babies without the constant complaint about them.  Like a breath of fresh air.  Ending the day on a positive note is good for the heart.

Ahhh, loving my quiet moment of blogging and reading.  All I need is a glass of ice water and some Avett Brothers to complete the night.

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  1. I'm so honored that you linked me. Totally don't deserve it, but thank you!