Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Fuzzodles Party

Did I even spell that correctly?  Fuzzoodles?  Fuzzodles?  What?

I didn't understand how Fuzzoodles were a new concept.  To me, they were big fuzzy pipe cleaners.  The kind you can buy 20 for about three bucks, but fuzzier.

  The little girls had fun with the extras that came with the kit like the purses, shoes, and eyes.

 And the mom's had fun playing like kids.   

I'll call them... cute.

This scene of Ethan playing with them lasted for about seven minutes.  Then he was begging me to run around and play.  I'm pretty sure that if we were at home without all the friends and commotion, he would have lasted about twelve minutes.

Then the fuzzoodles would have become laser guided bullets followed by the words "POW!!!!".

They're so soft.

Food!  Look at those hungry little boys who needed to recharge their batteries.

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  1. Those look neat! Glad they had fun with their day!