Monday, April 11, 2011

I needed to rest my eyes

All I wanted to do was rest my eyes for ten minutes.  The baby was asleep, Kendall was home and could keep an eye on the boys, it was the weekend, doesn't everyone want to relax on the weekend?

Mom lays down on the couch and look at what happens.

A dog pile occurs on my face.

Ernest is wearing a winter coat and a diaper with nothing else.  And now he is sitting on my face along with Ethan yelling "Let's get mom!"

Thank you Kendall for reaching for the camera instead of saying "Come on kids, let's give mom some quiet time on the couch."  Thanks.
Why are my kids so slobbery?  They should come with a paper towel dispenser attatched to them somewhere.  Ernest clearly has no idea how much he weighs. I'm simply trying to be sure the kid doesn't roll off and put another goose egg on his forehead.

For Pete's sake. This is just ridiculous.

My best picture ever.  I got up and hid in the bedroom after this picture.

Just like children, grown ups need 'quiet time' every so often too!

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  1. Gotta love those men. IF I ever wanted a nap, which I rarely do, I would go to my room to sleep. Then Donnie would proceed to fall asleep on the couch for his nap and let the children run wild and destroy the house. lol