Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Raising Husbands and Wives

Jokingly, I have made remarks about who I want my kids to marry.  Namely, my girls. :)  There are some very well behaved, God-fearing, raised along our beliefs, boys who I have seen interact with my kids and I have said "Marry HIM Eleanor! I like his parents too!" Hahaha :)

Just recently I received a cute message that a friend's daughter has made a remark- or two!- about marrying Ernest.

I've suddenly had a realization:

I am raising someone's future spouse.

A whole new set of "Don't drop the ball on this one!" has revealed itself to me.  And now I look around and see who I would rather have them not marry as well.

Am I teaching the girls to be respectful?  Are there kind words on my tongue?  Are they being taught to be kind?

Are my boys looking for opportunities to build their head-of-household skills?  Are they developing a skill at all?  Are they go getters and learning to work with the mindset of working for the Lord and their family?

I know my friend's children, we are already as close as family.  I love these sweet little girls with their crazy hair, pretty eyes, and sweet coyness.  I want them to marry Godly men who love the Lord first and are looking for God to show them who to be their spouse.  If one of them is my boys then I want it work out well and not be full of desperation and resentment that could have maybe-possibly been taken care of when they were younger and their hearts were softer.  Know what I'm saying?

Ernest and her would make a pretty cute stinkin' couple though....

*I already pray for all four their future spouses*
And they lived happily crazy after.  The end.

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