Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Things happen through out the day that I feel like would make a great facebook post but instead I should just blog it, it really is worth of a post!  Finding the moment where I'm not refilling a sippy cup or bowl of apple sauce is another deal.

Tonight, for instance, I decided we are not going to AWANA.  It started at nap time, if you don't take a nap you don't get to go to Sparks or Cubbies.  Nobody wants to be around a crabby kid, those sweet volunteer teachers shouldn't have to endure a Mohr child that has gone napless.  Bless their hearts.  Then as the time drew closer I second guessed my parenting choice.  Really, take away CHURCH as a form of punishment?  Shouldn't they go to church to learn obedience or at least have it reinforced?  What kind of good ol' Christian mother deprives her children of JESUS?  Oh how a mountain out of a lump of clay can form in a woman's mind.  It's nerve wracking just thinking about it. 

Nevertheless I got elbow deep in a project and they are all playing SO well together it reaffirmed that maybe we should just take a night in.  Really, we did our Bible work today, studied our scriptures this afternoon, and are building relationships.  Sounds good to me.

Our home is two stories with a basement.  The basement is scary with spiderwebs, concrete floors, wood showing in the ceiling, and not enough light nor a real window.  It is like the Cosby basement, remember their basement was freaky?  Well, I have decided I need to utilize every ounce of square footage in this home.  It's a two bedroom one bath on the main floor, an upstairs that is an attic that someone put carpet in and called it a room (but it does have two large windows at both ends), and the basement is dreary.  I sorely need to search Pinterest for help on how to transform everything into a usable living area.  This is my first winter where I have four children running around, playing, needing to burn off energy and what in the world are we going to do at twenty below zero this January?  We have been downstairs trying to transform the dreary, scary, basement into a fun, bright, warm, loving spot to sit and learn. 

Whenever I have a big weekend with guests coming over, say for a birthday party or BBQ, I usually take those precious hours and days before hand to do the most tedious work like clean and organize the silverware drawer.  Because every one's going to see that drawer right?  Every time.  Ugh, I neglect the papers that need sorting or the books that could some donating.  Seriously, I go for the pantry and wipe it down and sweep and organize.  Well, if you ever come over on a big holiday weekend or for a festive moment fill free to look in my medicine cabinet because odds are I attacked with every Norwex cloth I own.  Go. Me.

That said, Eleanor's birthday party is this weekend.  And my basement is coming together nicely.

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