Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Strong Stock

A complete stranger referenced to me by a cattle term.  It's as simple as that.

Ernest was ten days old and our sweet little family of four decided to go on a walk.  A new neighbor in our area was outside taking care of the lawn and started up a conversation with Kendall.  I remember the lawn had tremendous potential but had been denied any love due to the property being in foreclosure.  It was a gorgeous June evening, warm and just right for being outside.

The man then noticed that Ernest wasn't just an infant but a brand spankin' new newborn to the world.

"Oh, you have quite the little one there.  How old?"

"He's ten days today!"
He looks at Ernest, looks up at me in bewilderment, then looks over at Kendall.

"Strong stock."

These are the words he says while nodding his head in my direction.

Can I just say it is the only time a reference to cattle can be made in which I'll take it as a compliment?

Between the three kids, I've not had a real problem bouncing back.  Being able to birth these babies without any type of medical intervention is gift from God. 

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  1. lol See, now, that ought to be referenced to the DAD. But you are such an optimist, lol. I LOVE the way you look at the world. Please don't ever move away. :)